Air Pollution Control Equipment

Awareness on environment has acquired a phenomenal significance in recent past resulting in industries adopting for more Eco-friendly process equipment. The stipulations by the law enforcing authorities becoming more and more stringent, the need for a cost effective and efficient system to combat pollution has become a primary requirement of process industries. The company offers solution from concept to commissioning in this area with almost every equipment to control air pollution.

Water Pollution Control System

We undertake installation of different types of Effluent Treatment Plant as per requirement of different industries.
We execute waste water treatment plant utilizing the following treatment operation & processes, such as ----
1. Physico Chemical Treatment
2. Anaerobic Reactor
3. Aerobic Reactor
4. Activated Sludge Process
5. Dissolved Air Floatation
6. Tertiary Treatment of Waste Water
7. Membrane Separation & ion exchange resin column for re-use of treated water.

Construction Activities

Treatment Plant (STP, ETP) on turnkey basis.
Air Pollution Control System Bag Filter, Cyclone & Scrubber etc. on turnkey basis.
Industrial Structure, Building, Bridge, etc.

Service Sectors

1. Steel
2. Dairy
3. Food Processing
4. Power Plant
5. Sponge Iron
6. Textile Dyeing & Bleaching
7. Vegetable and Mineral Oil
8. Chemical & Electroplating
9. Hotel & Hospitals 10) Jute Mill
11. Cement
12. Rice Mill
13. Breweries
14. Pharmaceutical Plant
15. Leather Processing Plant


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